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Why IEE Life is Different

Unlike most consultant firms that specialize in one specific area, I take the liberty of broadening the horizon to expand the clients’ opportunities in meeting their goals. One may ask how is this done? Meticulously is my response. My years of military experience as well as my nursing background, affords me the level of social intelligence, effective communication, teamwork, and stress tolerance that contributes to my ability in meeting organizational goals. These acquired abilities afford me the opportunity to work with both the nonprofit community and small businesses alike.

Why It is Worth the Experience

As a Resource Consultant, I use a multidisciplinary approach in meeting the needs of my clients. A skill that was cultivated during my decades in the healthcare arena, where qualitative measures resulted in meeting goals and outcomes. Further, I bring the experience and expertise of a background that is founded on transferable skills, and a wealth of knowledge gained while serving in the military. With that, my additional course work has resulted in the benefits that one experiences when becoming a client of IEE Life. These benefits consist of:

Organized and Effective Exchange of Information

Easily Accessible

Single Answerability Contact

Effective Coordination and Facilitation

A Great Worth of Time and Economic Efficiency

Knowledge Sharing